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Industry Applications for Pipe, Profile Bundle Forming and Strapping


intended for bundling forming, transportation, strapping, temporary storage of various products, including: tubes of all shapes, profiles (angle steel, I steel, H steel, etc.), oil casing pipe, bars,rebars, etc.

Steel pipe

steel pipe bundling,steel pipe strapping

Angle Steel

angle pipe bundling,angle pipe strapping

Oil Casing Pipe

oil casing pipe bundling,oil casing pipe strapping

Aluminum Bar

aluminum bar bundling,aluminum bar strapping



1.Feeding method:chain feeding and cam feeding

2.Pipe bundle forming:brace type and electromagnetic adsorption type

Chain Feeding

pipe feeding equipment,profile feeding equipment

Cam Feeding

pipe chain feeding equipment,profile chain feeding equipment

Brace Type Bundling

pipe bundling,profile bundling

Electromagnetic Adsorption Type Bundling

pipe bundling,profile bundling


Including idler,side idler,carrier cart and so on

Trough Conveyor Idler

conveyor idler,idler

Conveyor Idler

pipe conveyor idler,pipe idler

Carrier Cart

pipe carrier Car


Used for complicated working environment

Cantilever Type(moving products)

automatic steel strapping machine,pipe strapping

Floating Strapping Head,Gated Strapping Track

automatic steel bundling machine, pipe bundling equipment, Scrap Metal Pipe Banding Machine

Floating Strapping Head,Movable Strapping Track

pipe bundling machine


For example:fixed storage,chain conveyor storage

Fixed Storage(conveying by carrier cart)

pipe storing,

Chain Conveyor Storage

pipe chain conveyor storage

Superworker Technology designs, develops and manufactures a whole package of automatic packing line for steel pipes, aluminum pipes,  oil pipelines, other metal tubes, plastic tubes(including PVC tube, PP tube, PE tube, FRPP tube, PPR tube, etc.), used in the pipe and tube manufacturing industry. The whole automatic packing line includes automation machines, pipe / tube conveyors and pipe / tube lifters.

With a profound knowledge of the pipe / tube/ pipeline manufacturing industry, we are aware how time-and-labor-consuming it is to move and pack these products, so we developed this automatic packing line for liberating the workers for less intensity labors and raise productivity. The solution includes: conveying the pipe/tube/oil pipeline to the right place, piling certain numbers of them up, grasping the whole pile and then strapping the pile tightly.

The strapped pipe/tube/oil pipeline won’t fall off during bulk transportation.