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We offer design, development and production service for whole package of automatic packing systems applied in various major industries like metal manufacturing, building materials industry, timber industry, automotive industry, battery industry, etc.

Industrial Packing System Solution

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automatic steel strapping equipment, automatic steel strapping equipment, hot rolled coil binding equipment

Automatic Steel Banding Machine For Hot Rolled Coil Plant In Indonesia

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automatic steel strap packing machine, coil steel baling equipment,steel roll steel binding machine,cold roll steel banding equipment

Automatic Steel Strap Packing Machine For Steel Coils Strapping In Jiangxi China

Automatic Steel Handling Tool For Steel Coils Strapping is used in a steel factory of Jiangxi China

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aluminum ingots strapping machinery,electric banding machinery,packaging binding machine

Aluminum ingots strapping

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ID-OD strapping,cold roll steel baling equipment,package banding

Cold Rolled Coil Through Eye Strapping Machine In Beijing China

Through Eye Strapping Machine used for radial binding of coils in steel coil plant of Beijing China

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tube mill, pipe steel baling machinery, steel pipes strapping machine

Steel Pipe Strapping Machine In Hebei China

Flanged Nothing Sealless Type Steel Pipe Baling Machine used in tube mill of Hebei Province China

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pipe strap,metal banding equipment,banding tools suppliers

Scrap Metal Pipe Steel Banding Machine In Hebei China

Scrap Metal Pipe Steel Banding Machine used for strapping any quality of metal products

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Circumferential strapping,Stainless Steel Banding,Steel Banding Tools,metal bands

Hot Rolled Coil Circumference Strapping Equipment In Indonesia

binding machine used for Circumferential strapping in high working temperature of hot rolling mill in Indonesia

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metal binding ,Circumference strapping,banding tools with steel bands, Cold Rolled Coil Circumferential Bundling Packer Equipment

Cold Rolled Coil Circumferential Bundling Machine In Beijing China

Cold Rolled Coil Circumferential Banding Tool used for cycle strapping in steel coil plants of Bejing China

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semi automatic box strapping machine,semi automatic box strapping machine,semi automatic pallet strapper

Semi-Automatic Steel Strapping Machine for Aluminum Coil OD strapping

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine used for circumferential strapping in alumnium coil manufacturing plant in Fujian China

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Steel Banding Material,Stainless Steel Banding Tool,metal strapping tool

Sealless Type Electric Strapping Machinery In Fujian China

Electric Banding Tool using in fully automatic way to strap the hot rolled steel coils in Fujian China

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HRC strapping, Hot rolled coil factory, automatic coil strapping packaging solutions

The Steel or Aluminum Coil Strap Packing

packing system for steel or aluminum coils used in Metal and Metallurgy Industry

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steel tube strapping, pipe banding, Automatic Tube Packing Line

Tube Automatic Packing Line

Our packing system makes it easy and cost-saving for manufacturers of pipes, tubes and oil pipelines during the packing process, either plastic or metal.

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wire rod coil strapping, wire rod coil bailing

Steel Wire Coils Strap Packing

Our automation strap packing system helps gathering around the messy wires to form a coil, and then go through the coil to strap it for secure transportation.

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Lumber Panel Strap Packing

We developed the automatic strapping machine to help lumber manufacturers to avoid any unwanted fall or damages of lumbers within in the factory or on the road.

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Timber Strap Packing

we provide a professional automation packing system solution for factories of timbers no matter big or small

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Building Materials Strap Packing

Transporting heavy building materials is always tough, but it can be leisure with the help with our automation packing system.

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compacted and strapped industrial scraps

Industrial Scrap Packing System

Our automation strap packing system frees the workers from dangerous working environment and harmful objects during the packing the industrial scraps

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well packed and strapped goods for transportation

Pallet Strapping for Protection in Logistics

Our strapping system helps re-enforce the pallet packing for the any products, esp. the wearable ones for secure transportation.

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automatic strapped metal sheets

Steel or Aluminum Sheets Stacking and Packing

Our packing system saves the workers the troubles of lifting up the big heavy metal sheets, it handles from sheet conveying, stacking, compacting and strapping automatically.

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