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Semi-automaticstrapping machine is designed to reduce the cost and improving safety, this machine is more economical than Automatic Steel Strapping Machine, and much safer comparing with the manual bundling due to the automation of band delivery

Semi-automatic strapping machine automatically offers steel belt to the guide chute inside the belt conveyor, after reaching up to the setting length of belt, the clamp roller will open up, an operator manually pulls down the strapping head to place it on the steel coil, then press a button to let the machine to tension、notch and cut the belt ,then manually insert the seal into the steel belt, so the first steel belt is performed , while proceeding the second belt, the machine will automatically move into the other side of coils for binding, and so on.

Superworker Technology designs, develops and manufactures a whole package of packing system for steel or aluminum coils used in Metal and Metallurgy Industry. Which includes automation machines, metal coil conveyors and coil lifters.

Our world-class strapping machines are expertly designed to be utilized in either normal-temperature working environment or high-temperature working environment.

The automatic strap packing machines can be used in high-temperature working environment are:

  1. DGR-ⅡA   Notched Closure Sealless Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine
  2. DGR-ⅡB Flanged Notched Closure Sealless Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine
  3. DGR-ⅣA Seal Joint Type Automatic Strapping Machine

The other automation strapping machine can be used in normal working environment, such as :

  1. DGR-ⅠA  Resistance Welding Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine
  2. DGR-ⅢA  Automatic Ultrasonic PET Strapping Machine
  3. DGR-ⅤA  Argon Arc Welding Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine

These automation packing machines are used for packing steel coils and aluminum coils in our clients’ manufacturing plants.

Why would we need the strapping machine? Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Automatic strapping machine will save the labor cost of at least 3 workers
  2. The automatic strapping machine will free the workers from extreme working environments.
  3. The automation strap packing machine packs the coils better, it is more secure in bulk transportation, esp. in long distance.
  4. Automatic strap packing system raised the productivity tremendously
  5. The automatic strap packing helps cut down the labor invested in the packing process, which also protects the workers from possible dangers during packing.

Fujian Province China

May 2015

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