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To better insure the production in our clients’ factories goes more smoothly, Superworker Technology offers warranty and services as listed below for our customers’ convenience:
1. The warranty service of Superworker automatic strapping machines and other automatic packing machines
2. Maintenance and repair of the strapping machines of other brands worldwide
3. Manufacturing and Supply of the wearable parts
4. Field inspection and repair of strap packing system

To minimize the troubles caused to our customers in automation packing line of the manufacturing plant, and keep up our high quality reputation, the above mentioned services will be provided at the soonest manner:
1. Request responded within 1 hour
2. Phone technical services provided within 12 hours
3. On field services provided within 3 business days.

Warranty and Maintenance of Superworker Automatic Strapping Machine

Superworker Technology provides one year warranty and lifetime maintenance services for its own branded automatic strapping machines.

Superworker technical team will respond and provide same day services to any request for free within the warranty period(wearable parts are not included)

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Maintenance and Repair of Strapping Machines of Other Brands Worldwide

With profound experience in metal and metallurgy industry and regular practice in the application of automatic strapping machine, we have worked with major metallurgy companies for years, and we have been handling the issues with their available strapping machines from other factories while we are supplying our strapping machines to them, thus we can provide the following services at the highest reliability:
1. Offer technical assistance by phone
2. On field technical repair services

Maintenance of automatic packing line, repair of Titan strapping head, repair of signode strapping machine

Manufacturing and Supply of the wearable parts

Superworker Technology manufactures and supplies high quality replacement parts to the automatic strapping machine of our own brand. And we stock a complete list of them, which include: tensioner, strap roller, strap cutter, notcher sets, welding head, welding bottom plate

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Field Inspection and Repair of Strap Packing System

Considering the fact that the packing line in metallurgy factories has to run 24 hours every day, and there might some part of the packing system does not work properly which will cause interruption to the production. To help our customers cut the loss, we offer free field inspection service to the automatic packing line installed in their manufacturing plant.

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