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Resistance Welding Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Head

This resistance welding automatic steel strapping head helps to feed the steel strapping along the strapping track until it forms a loop around the products to be strapped, then it retracts the steel strapping loop and the strapping head moves toward the products until the steel strapping touches the product surface. The strapping head starts tensioning until the steel strapping bands tightly around the products, the steel strapping head automatically welds the steel strapping overlap with 2 x Φ8mm welding spots via resistance welding for the steel strapping connection,  the connection strength of the joint is about 70% of the steel strapping itself.


The consumable parts for this resistance welding automatic steel strapping head are:

steel strapping feeding roller, steel strapping tensioning roller, steel strapping cutter, welding head, welding bottom plate. We produce these parts and test in our own workshop.

AC 380V, 2.2KW

6 bar


Max:20000N (adjustable)

Any brand, medium or high quality.

Width: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

Thickness: 0.8mm to 1.2mm


This resistance welding automatic steel strapping head is used for normal temperature working environment, the loads should be able to deal with the instant high temperature in resistance welding. And there will sparkles during welding, so it might not be a good option for those working environment which requires high fire-resistance.

Applicable products are: galvanized steel coil, cold rolled coil, sheet pile, wood pile, Aluminum ingot pile, steel ingot pile, pipe pile, industrial scraps etc.