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Two Strapping head Automatic Radial Binding Tool

This automatic binding industrial packing equipment features two strapping heads to provide the two through-eye strapping belts for coil at one time, in which the two strapping tracks feed each strapping through the coils on both sides simultaneously, then the strap track rotates and straps on the opposite until 4 straps of every 90 degrees of the coil are completed.

The metal coils to be strapped can be pickled, galvanized, cold rolled, hot rolled, slit, and the wire rod coils or even paper rolls can also be handled well.

The automatic strapping industrial packing equipment can be equipped with any types of strapping head for factories in diverse industries depending on customers’ choices and working conditions. The strapping heads available are Friction Welding Joint Type、Notched Closure Sealless Joint Type、Flanged Notched Closure Sealless Joint Type、Seal Joint Type、Argon Arc Welding /TIG Welding Joint Type、PET Joint Type.


  • Strapping head on both sides of the coil
  • Strapping dispenser on side
  • Fixed strap track
  • Double Fixed strapping head
  • Rotating strapping arch
  • Essential parts from world-famous brands like IFM, Airtac or Festo
  • Germany Siemens PLC control and touchscreen control
  • Superworker 1 year warranty, lifetime maintenance and technical services


Dependent on strapping head

Max:20000N (adjustable)

Any brand, medium or high quality.

Width: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

Thickness: 0.8mm to 1.2mm


  • Movable strapping arch to strap the fixed products
  • Performing either steel or polyester strap
  • Intended for metal products, wood products, paper industry, automobile industry, construction materials etc.,