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DGR-ⅡA Notched Closure Sealless Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine Head

The automatic steel strapping head is the core part of an automatic steel strapping machine. Here is how it works:
1. When the strapping dispenser delivers the steel strapping to the automatic steel strapping head, the strapping feeding roller in this sealless automatic steel strapping machine head helps to send the steel strip to the steel strapping track which encircles the products to be strapped.
2. When the steel strapping forms a full loop around the products, the steel strapping machine starts to move toward the products and retrieve the steel strapping when it moves.
3. When the steel strapping overlap touches the products,  the automatic steel strapping machine head will stop moving forward, it will press on the steel strapping and tensions it until the steel strip bands the products tightly.
4. The sealless automatic steel strapping machine head notches on the steel strapping overlap until it’s connected via 3 pair of notches during automatic strapping, no additional medium needed in the automatic strapping process, the connection strength of this sealless notching joint is about 80% of the steel strapping itself.


The consumable parts for this sealless joint type automatic steel strapping machine head are:

steel strapping feeding roller, steel strapping tensioning roller,steel strapping cutter, steel strapping notcher set. Superworker manufactures and tests these parts within our own workshop.

AC 380V, 2.2KW

6 Bar


Max:20000N (adjustable)

Any brand, medium or high quality.

Width: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

Thickness: 0.8mm to 1.2mm


The notched closure sealless joint type automatic steel strapping machine head can be used in ultra high temperature working environment and other complicated environments.

Applicable products are: hot rolled metal coil, hot rolled metal sheets, hot billets, galvanized steel coil, cold rolled coil, plates, tubes and pipes, wire rods, bars /rebars, wood timber /lumber and logs, Aluminum ingots, industrial scrap, automotive parts, electric car battery modules, pallets, stone, construction materials, etc.