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DGRFZ-IC 180 Degree Horizontal Tilter For Wooden Box Rotation

DGRFZ-IC Horizontal Rotation Tilter Machine is an integrated machine for tilting panels or coils or other product bundles, our team of technicians can provide our customers with specialized, custom engineered tilting solution at the lowest possible price and with the shortest time.

Superworker tilter machine is fully customizable according to customers requirements, it can load products of any dimensions or weight.

The tilter machine can set automatically upend by 90 degrees or horizontally rotate by 180 degrees , and it can stop at any angle according to manual instructions.


  • Siemens PLC Control
  • Multi-point interlocks control,ensure the safety of the product and machine in operation
  • Frequency converter driven motor enables segmented speed control and makes the operation smoothly
  • Big module sprocket driven by motor makes the operation stable and the transmit efficient
  • Both automatic and manual operation are available,emergency stop button can stop the machine rapidly in case of emergency
  • Open designing for convenient maintenance and examination
  • Modularized designing saves time for the installing and shifting of the machine
  • Mechanical upenders are available in standard configurations or may be custom engineered for your particular application


Mechanical tileter machine are heavy industrial equipment that can upend or downend various heavy products through 90 degrees ,such as steel coil, aluminium coils, wire coils, copper coils, molds , spools etc.It also can turn over the panels or product bundles in 180 degree horizontal rotation.