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DGR-ⅢA Automatic Ultrasonic PET Strapping Machine

PET strapping is also known as plastic strapping or polyester strapping.

Connection of strapping: ultra-sound welding on the polyester strapping overlap, no additional medium needed, the joint strength can reach up to  90% of the plastic strapping itself.


The wearing part for this automatic PET strapping machine is: PET strapping dispenser. We produce the PET strapping dispenser for our brand strapping machines, and we also design and develop for automatic PET strapping machines of other brands.

AC 380V, 0.37KW

6 Bar


Max:20000N (adjustable)

Any brand, medium or high quality.

Width: 19mm, 25mm, 32mm

Thickness: 0.8mm to 1.2mm


This automatic PET strapping head is used in normal temperature working environment.

The PET strapping machine can be used both for heavy industries and light industries, such as metal products, timbers, woven products, pallets, ceramics and porcelain, stone, etc.

Applicable products are: galvanized steel coil, cold rolled coil, sheet pile, wood pile, Aluminum ingot pile, steel ingot pile, pipe pile, industrial scrap, chemical fertilizer pile, building materials pile, grain pile, pallets, cartons, stone, wood box, etc.

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