Why do we need automatic strapping machine when the strapping tools are so cheap, people might ask.

Are strapping tools really cheaper? You might think twice before you choose between these 2 options if you had read this article.

The automatic strapping machine is often called automatic binding machine, or automatic banding machine. It uses steel strapping strip or PET/polyester/plastic band to strap around the goods for reinforcement. It is mostly used for heavy and big products like beverages, textile products, metal products, pallets, wood products, construction materials, etc.

Several advantages of the machines are as follows:
Firstly ,it is well known that a large number of Steel manufacturers used the manual strapping before ,but in such fast-paced society ,things change quickly, for example, the washing machine replaced the manual laundry several decades ago, nowadays, more and more Steel companies employ the automatic strapping machines instead of using manual strapping tools, which make the work more efficient and economical, in general ,strapping machines will inevitably replace manual strapping

manual strapping method, way of steel strapping, way of steel binding

strapping method, automatic steel strapping machine

Secondly ,Automatic strapping line needs no worker thus no labor cost will be needed.
Take one strapping station in a steel plant in China for example, a manual strapping station will need at least 4 workers to run different shifts to keep the line running 24 hours a day, the annual cost for one single strapping station will be: US$850.00(monthly payment)x4x12= US$40800, besides, the salary for workers rises every year

automatic steel banding machine saving cost

save labor cost while using automatic steel strapping machine

Thirdly, The automatic strapping machines free the workers from extreme working conditions, where the workers are constantly exposed to the metal stuff, so there is no doubt that caring about the safety of the worker is a part of the social responsibility of an enterprise.

automatic bailing machine ensure worker safety

automatic banding machine to improve working conditions

Fourthly, considering about Strapping Waste:
The waste is 0 during the automatic strapping.
In the other hand, manual strapping process will waste about 800mm on every strapping which weighs about 32mmx0.9mmx800mmx0.00785g/mm³=0.18kg.

If one strapping station can strap about 16 rolls/ hour, and 3 strappings per roll, and the workers straps 23 hours a day and 360 days a year, the total weight of the wasted steel strapping will be 0.18kgx16x3x23x360=71.54ton,The steel strapping costs about US$870.00/ton, then the annual cost of wasted extra one strapping station  is US$62240.

automatic binding machine

automatic banding machines saves cost of steel strip

Fifthly, sealing strapping has been the most frequently used in the ways of manual strapping and part of the mechanical strapping, and manual strapping or seal strapping machine requires one seal for each strapping, one strapping station will need strapping seals about 16x3x23x360=397,440pcs, and the seal costs US$0.03 each, the annual cost on the strapping seals of one strapping station will be US$12300. However, the automatic strapping machine are mostly applies sealless connection, no seal cost.

automatic sealless strapping machine

no seal cost during strapping of automatic banding machine

Sixly, neither from the aspects of the appearance of the products or the durability of the products, automatic strapping has performed in a much greater way comparing with the way of manual strapping. Due to the limitations of the manual strapping, the manually sealled strapping is easily to trip off in the process of transportation, it will lead to second strapping or loss of products during transportation, eventually, the cost for manual strapping is underestimated.

automatic sealless strapping machine

the strapping is tight and beautiful after strapping by automatic banding machine

Now which one will you choose?