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Superworker Technology designs, develops a whole package of packing system and manufactures automated packaging machine for baled industrial scraps before recycling process.

Our professionals have a deep understanding of the environment where the industry scraps are placed and the nature of the industrial scraps. Such as the metallurgical slags, mining debris, fuel residues, and chemical waste slags, etc. which are cluttering on the earth, these industrial scraps can poison or wound the workers during the the packing process.

So what we have to do is to free the human beings from the packing process of the industrial scraps, in this case, our solution of the packing system will gather around the industrial scraps in groups, and compact each group of the industrial scraps, and then strap around the with the strapping machine, all are on full automation basis.

Our world-class industrial scraps packing system are expertly designed to be utilized in either normal temperature working environment or high temperature working environment.

The automatic strap packing machines can be used in high-temperature working environment are:

  1. DGR-ⅡA   Notched Closure Sealless Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine
  2. DGR-ⅡB Flanged Notched Closure Sealless Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine
  3. DGR-ⅣA Seal Joint Type Automatic Strapping Machine

The other automation strapping machine can be used in normal working environment, such as :

  1. DGR-ⅠA  Resistance Welding Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine
  2. DGR-ⅢA  Automatic Ultrasonic PET Strapping Machine
  3. DGR-ⅤA  Argon Arc Welding Joint Type Automatic Steel Strapping Machine

These automation packing machines are used for packing steel or plastic pipes/ tubes/ pipelines in our clients’s manufacturing plants.

Why would we need the strapping machine? Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Automatic strapping machine will save the labor cost of at least 3 workers
  2. The automatic strapping machine will free the workers from extreme working environments.
  3. The automation strap packing machine packs the products better, it is more secure in bulk transportation, esp. in long distance.
  4. Automatic strap packing system raised the productivity tremendously
  5. The automatic strap packing helps cut down the labor invested in the packing process, which also protects the workers from possible dangers during packing.

Customers can choose either PET strapping or steel strapping according to the nature or the dimensions and weight of their load.