On Sep 22, MCC representative together with a steel plant engineer came to visit our factory for inspecting production of the automatic strapping machine they ordered from us.

MCC, which is also known as Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd, is one of fortune 500 company in the world.

We started cooperation with MCC since the summer of 2017, since then we have been working closely with each other to supply the steel manufacturers with the best strapping solution and equipments possible.

This automatic steel strapping machine in production is recently ordered by MCC, it is used for strapping hot coils in a major steel plant in China. Each coil needs 5 strappings around the coil circle, the steel coil will stand still, so the automatic strapping machine will have to move to the next strapping position of the coil after one strapping is completed, thus the strapping machine embeds with 5 strapping rails.
automatic coil circuit banding machine, around coil auto binding machine

The automatic steel strapping machine rack has been completed, and the strapping head is ready too, the next procedure will be the assembly, which will take about 5 days, and another 2 days for machine test in factory. The estimated delivery time of the automatic strapping machine is Sep 30, which is right before the national holiday. The MCC and steel plant representatives are both happy with the production.

The customers also consulted us about other automatic strapping machines which are in production in our factory, such as the automatic pipe strapping machine, and the automobile battery strapping machine,  knowing that we are experienced in serving these fields, they are positive about cooperating with us in pipe strapping areas in the near future.

pipe strapping machine field test, automatic pipe strapper