Before discussing about the major strapping connection in our market, let’s start by explaining what is the automatic steel strapping machine

The automatic strapping machine is often called automatic binding machine, or automatic banding machine. It uses steel strapping strip to strap around the goods for packing reinforcement for secure transportation and better appearance. It is mostly used for heavy and big products like metal products, pallets, wood products, construction materials, etc

Because of the automatic strapping machine is characterized by its higher efficiency and lower cost comparing with manual way of strapping, more and more companies utilize this way for their products binding, but people may be curious about with how many strapping ways can be selected for their products packing reinforcement.

There are 5 way of strapping joint types in total available in the market, which can be categorized in two: one is seal joint type, the other one is sealless joint type.

The seal joint type is a traditional way which has been used for more than a dozen of years. Now it seems a little bit out of date and it’s rarely be used. The joint efficiency of this one can only reach 65% of the steel strapping, and it is connected by manually putting the seal on the strapping head and moving it to the steel strap overlap for compressing and flanging process. Although the rate of baleoff is quite low, this way of connection will cost extra for the labor who manually put the seals and the seal cost, plugs its low joint efficiency, this way is doomed to be replaced by new technology.
seal joint, steel belt buckle

The sealless joint category is the most popular way in the nowadays, which includes quite many of joint types, such as notched joint type, welding joint type, etc.

The resistance welding connection is one of the sealless type, the strapping is connected via 2 resistance welding spots in the middle of the steel strapping overlap, no medium needed. The joint efficiency is approx. 70% of the breaking load of the steel band. The defects of this type is that it can’t be used in high temperature duo to the occurrence of sparking during the process of welding, and there is high requirements of the quality standard and appearance for the steel strapping used, this resistance welding joint type’s application is quite limited.
resistance welding joint, spot welding joint, friction welding joint

TIG Welding, also known as Argon Arc Welding, by using the Argon gas to join the steel belt, the spots are very strong and beautiful, the joint efficiency is approx. 90% of the breaking load of the strap, but it is the same as the resistance welding, which can only be used in normal temperature environment, moreover,  there is gas consumption which adds the costs for user.

TIG welding joint, TIG connection

The notched joint type is connected via notched closure, usually there are 3 pair of notches, some companies utilize 2 to 5 pair of notches. the Joint efficiency is up to 80% of the steel strapping, which is very popular in all kinds of major manufacturers. Before long people find a problem coming with this way of strapping connection, which is, many of products strapped with this sealless type connection was being tripped off during the frequent transportations, so the company started questioning this sealless joint type.
notching sealless joint, steel strapping notches

To solve the potential problems and free limitations of the above joint types, Superworker has invested greatly both time and money in developing a brand new strapping joint with more advanced technology—The flanged notching sealless joint type. This joint type added the flanges on both sides besides the notched closure increase the breaking load and prevent the tripping of closure, as a result, there is no tipping problem for this patented technology after utilization, which is proved by many famous top manufacturers such as Baowu Group, Shougang group, CFHI, CNPT, MCC, etc. Now it is getting more and more popular in all fields relating to strap packing.

flanged strapping joint, flanged sealless joint, flanged notches steel strapping connection