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Automatic Packing Equipment for Seamless Steel Pipe

The way of packing steel pipes in the seamless steel pipe finishing line has a great influence on the factory image and quality of the products, therefore, most famous steel factories takes steel pipes packing very seriously, a good way …
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Reports of Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing in China

Metallurgical equipment is a collective name in metal & Metallurgy industry, covering a series of equipment used in the process of smelting, casting, rolling, transporting and packaging, etc, which are mainly used for smelting, rolling and casting during the manufacturing process in steel iron and …
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rebar bundling, rebar packing, steel bar strapping

The Development of The Automatic Bar Steel Strapping Machine

The quality and appearance of the metal products are becoming more and more important under the status of modern market economy, accordingly, the requirement for the modernization of steel company has been increased year by year. More and more Steel company that produce steel rods and …
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china steel export volume, steel export 2017

China Steel Export Volume Substantially Reduced by October 2017

According to the export data of the steel products released by Shanghai Steel Union Export Research Team, the exports of steel products has sharply reduced by approximately 5,000,000 ton on a month on month basis, and it’s estimated to be 25,000,000 million ton less year on year. 
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