Nowadays, energy shortage, excessive emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollution are the three prominent issues facing sustainable development in the world today, and these problems are directly related to the consumption of oil. The statistics shows that about 40% of the oil worldwide or more than 30% of oil in China is consumed by automobiles, these figures will also rise along with the rapid growth of the global automobile industry. Considering the fact that the oil resources decline and the oil prices rise dramatically, as well as automobile exhaust emissions causes serious pollution, the world’s major automobile manufacturing countries regarded from the national strategic perspective that the development of clean energy vehicles is an important measure to relieve the oil shortage and reduce environmental pollution, which also facilitates the transportation energy transformation.

On one hand, nowadays whether it is a world-class giant, or a new domestic car-making force, have put forward a variety of solutions for the clean energy vehicle development, such as electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen engine vehicles, among the many solutions, electric vehicles are currently the most developed and one of the most promising, and by the end of 2017 Britain joined a lengthening list of electric-only countries, saying that all new cars must be zero-emission by 2050.

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On the other hand, as the sole source of electric vehicles, battery costs account for about 30% to 50% of the cost of electric vehicles. However, research on batteries for electric-only vehicles mainly focuses on lithium batteries, which takes comparatively smaller space but larger capacity, comes with good profit margins and high technical difficulties, and now almost all major car manufacturers are studying and developing car batteries for electric vehicles.

As the battery pack for electric vehicles consists of a plurality of batteries stacked in series. A typical battery pack has about 96 cells, which charge up to 4.2V for lithium-ion batteries. Such a battery pack can generate a total voltage in excess of 400V. Therefore, battery safety is one of the major challenges in battery technology, How to pack the lithium batteries safely and effectively has become a major concern of battery manufacturers.

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 In order to solve this problem, Shenzhen Superworker Technology, as a leader in the domestic automatic strapping industry, cooperates with the well-known battery manufacturers who have good knowledge of the characteristics of electric vehicle batteries, developed a machine to fully automatic strapping the batteries for reinforcement packaging. In January 2018 this automatic battery strapping machine has been officially released, this automatic lithium battery strap packing machine uses 1cm wide steel strip for battery strapping, and connects the steel strip via laser welding lines, the connection strength of up to 90% of the steel strip itself, the joints are beautiful and reliable for durable use on electric vehicles, its debut and excellent performance in the packing process has attracted lots of attention from numerous battery manufacturers.

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