Metallurgical equipment is a collective name in metal & Metallurgy industry, covering a series of equipment used in the process of smelting, casting, rolling, transporting and packaging, etc, which are mainly used for smelting, rolling and casting during the manufacturing process in steel iron and no ferrous metal processing industry.

In recent years, China’s stunning economic growth leads to the development of steel industry and metallurgy equipment manufacturing, we have become the biggest steel manufacturing and metallurgy equipment manufacturing country in the world, and the demand for metallurgy equipment in China alone takes up a third of the global output.

After continuous assistance from the Chinese government has been input in the self-developed metallurgy equipment manufacturing industry, the technology applied for development and production of heavy duty equipment has been dramatically improved, and the metallurgy equipment has gradually take a growing portion in the national economy, this report analyses the development of metallurgy equipment manufacturing during the year of 2016 and in January-April 2017, also look ahead to the future development in metallurgy industry

Firstly, the definition of metallurgy equipment manufacturing.

According to The national economy industrial classification and codes(GB/T 4754-2016)issued by the National Statistical Bureau, the metallurgy equipment industry belongs to the mine, metallurgy and constructive equipment of special equipment manufacturing industry

In general, Metallurgical equipment is classified into two catalogs, which is the Metal smelting equipment and the Metal casting equipment.


Secondly, metallurgy industry scales

*Metallurgy industry slowly boosts again   
In 2015, China’s metallurgical equipment industry reached its top and then declined after the 4.000 billion RMB investments of our government in 2008, the average number of the entrepreneurs and industry personnel were 403 and 136,381 respectively at the end of 2016, which fell by 31.3% and 1.9 from a year earlier, in 2017, the industry started reviving again, the average number of those were 477 and 155,846 by April 2017, which rising 17.2% and 19.9% over levers of a year ago

*Industry benefits decline dramatically
Because the global economy was in depression, the policy regulation to the over-capacity steel problem and the investment activity put delay, the metallurgy manufacturing industry benefits had been declining since 2016-2017, in April 2014, it was 31.87billion RMB in revenue, which was increased by 4.37% from the prior year, the total profits were 0.65 billion RMB, which fell by 32.93 comparing to the period of last year

*The output of major products of metallurgy manufacturing maintains growing
The output of major products of metallurgy manufacturing industry had been maintaining a steady growth trend, the total output of metallurgy equipment of which is the smelting equipment and the rolling equipment was 416,800 ton in January-April 2017and 1,091,500 ton in January –November 2016, increased by 19.92 and 20.60% respectively from the previous year.